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Janet knows.

Thomas Babilon

Syracuse 2021 Mayoral Candidate. Dedicated, Honest, Compassionate Attorney. Loving Father & Loyal Friend.

Representing the People of Syracuse. Your opinions, ideas and your vote matter. I want to hear from - and represent - all of you.

  • Innovative Solutions to Attract Jobs & Grow Home Ownership

    I'll introduce a technology-enabled plan to bring new jobs and attract new residents to Syracuse – growing investments in property and increasing the tax base, leading to long-term investment back into our community.

  • Public Safety

    Our community-based plan is efficient, effective and budget-friendly.

  • Taxes

    Protecting the city's most economically vulnerable by maintaining a reasonable tax rate, with a plan to grow the tax base.

Babilon for Mayor of Syracuse
Thomas Babilon, Republican candidate for Mayor of Syracuse, reacts to Mayor Walsh’s plan to deal with the Skyline Apartments on James Street.

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Nov. 2, 2021

Thomas Babilon for Mayor Syracuse

Babilon Campaign News

Posted: 21 Jun, 2021
Republican Mayoral Candidate Thomas Babilon on Syracuse’s Morning News

Onondaga County's Primary Election is Tuesday. Among those on the ballot... Democratic voters will choose between Common Coun

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republican candidate for mayor of syracuse
Posted: 15 Jun, 2021
Syracuse Mayoral Primary Profile: Republican Tom Babilon Touts City Hall Experience

"Syracuse’s more than 9,500 enrolled republican voters have a choice to make in a rare primary race for mayor. WAER news k

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syracuse mayor election coverage
Posted: 10 Jun, 2021
NewsChannel 9 goes ‘On The Trail’ with Syracuse Republican Mayoral Candidate Thomas Babilon

In less than two weeks, Republican and Democratic voters in the City of Syracuse will choose who their parties’ candidates

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When you go to vote tomorrow please remember that the other candidate on the Republican ballot contemplated helping Ben Walsh this year by not running.

Thank you for the interview this morning @daveallenshow

Republican Primary for Mayor is tomorrow June 22nd you can find your primary polling place here. Please check because there are some new and some temporary.

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Syracuse Elections 2021

Representing the Voices and Ideas of the People of Syracuse

In 2017, Syracuse had over 67,000 enrolled voters, of that only 25,000 voters showed up to vote in the mayoral race. I’m campaigning to change that – to make sure the voices, opinions, and ideas of the people are heard and we all work together to build a better future for our city and our region.

I invite you to submit your opinions, ideas, comments – anything – below. We’ll be collecting and organizing all input throughout the campaign and addressing as well as enacting the priorities of the people of Syracuse.

We will never share your information with third parties.