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republican candidate for mayor of syracuse

Syracuse Mayoral Primary Profile: Republican Tom Babilon Touts City Hall Experience

  • Posted: June 15, 2021
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“Syracuse’s more than 9,500 enrolled republican voters have a choice to make in a rare primary race for mayor. WAER news kicks off its profiles of Syracuse’s primary mayoral candidates with Tom Babilon. He served as a city attorney for 10 years under three mayors, and tells voters he’s seen what works and doesn’t work.” …

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syracuse mayor election coverage

NewsChannel 9 goes ‘On The Trail’ with Syracuse Republican Mayoral Candidate Thomas Babilon

  • Posted: June 10, 2021
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In less than two weeks, Republican and Democratic voters in the City of Syracuse will choose who their parties’ candidates will be to take on Mayor Ben Walsh in November’s general election. Thomas Babilon is the Republican challenging the primary candidate endorsed by the party’s leadership, Janet Burman. Babilon won’t need to find his way …

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republican candidate syracuse mayor

Once a city hall lawyer, Babilon pitches volunteer cops, faster-acting code officers in Syracuse mayoral bid

  • Posted: May 19, 2021
  • 0 ran an informative profile on Republican Candidate for Mayor of Syracuse Thomas Babilon. Read the story by Teri Weaver by clicking the link below. Photo from by Dennis Nett.

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Syracuse Mayor Campaign

Republican Candidate for Mayor, Thomas Babilon, Speaks with Mary Kielar, CNY Central

  • Posted: April 04, 2021
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A Republican running for mayor of Syracuse says the current mayor is failing the city, and his message of change begins at the troubled Skyline apartment complex. On a sunny Tuesday in downtown Syracuse Tom Babilon asked us to meet him at the Skyline apartment building. It’s where 93 year-old Connie Tuori was found murdered …

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Mayoral Candidate Babilon Releases Statement on Problematic Syracuse Apartment Complex

  • Posted: March 19, 2021
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Thomas Babilon‘s statement on the crime and problems with Skyline apartments was published on recently.  Below is his statement, and here is a link to the full article.   Violent crime is in the news again because there has been another homicide in a crime ridden building on the edge of my neighborhood. It …

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