syracuse mayor election coverage

In less than two weeks, Republican and Democratic voters in the City of Syracuse will choose who their parties’ candidates will be to take on Mayor Ben Walsh in November’s general election.

Thomas Babilon is the Republican challenging the primary candidate endorsed by the party’s leadership, Janet Burman.

Babilon won’t need to find his way around the hallways of Syracuse City Hall, having worked as a lawyer for city government under three mayoral administrations: Mayors Matt Driscoll, Stephanie Miner and Ben Walsh.

In an interview with NewsChannel 9, Babilon said, “I could really talk about any aspect of the city, forever. I was there for so long. I know the minutia of every department, of everything that goes on, and I have ideas to fix everything. There’s nobody else that has as much experience as I do. Nobody, including Ben Walsh.”

Watch the video on NewsChannel 9’s site here.