thomas babilon mayor of syracuse has published an article by Chris Baker following up on the Babilon for Mayor of Syracuse Campaign. The article begins:

“Syracuse, N.Y. — A second Republican has emerged in the race for Syracuse mayor.
Thomas Babilon, a Syracuse attorney, will seek the GOP’s spot on November’s ballot. He announced his candidacy Monday.
Babilon’s announcement came late in the political season, just before the start of petition-passing.
In an interview Tuesday he said he had ruled out a run in January, as Republicans met to pick a candidate, but changed his mind after friends and supporters urged him to get in the race.”

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“A lot of times people don’t have a voice, and it’s those people that the city hurts, maybe not intentionally, but their policies hurt them,” he said. “I really want to represent those people who don’t have a voice.”

Those people, Babilon said, include small business owners and homeowners who can’t easily navigate the city’s landscape of rules and regulations.

As mayor, he said he would thoroughly review all of the city’s regulations and rules for businesses and see what works and what needs to go.

“The difference between — on a county level and a city level — what a business needs to operate is unbelievable,” he said. “You have so many more hoops you need to jump through in the city.”